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Mishi is dedicated to therapeutic music and music therapy, and is now...

100% free

We are a small team, struggling to get visibility of the app, so right now we just want everyone to have access to our music medicine without any obligation in these extremely tough times.


Start by downloading the app


Free access currently is available for minimum 1 year.

This includes access to ALL music, motion videos, playlists & melody maker

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Boost yourself with therapeutic music  

Therapeutic music can transform how you feel

Receptive music therapy plays a positive psychological role in mental and emotional health, stress, sleep, focus and healing. When we listen intentionally, we can meet or enhance our personal and professional goals. Backed by science and emboldened by spirit or faith, music makes us whole. On some level we all know this intuitively.

Mishi takes the potency of music further by letting you customise each track to your own unique needs. We are proud to be the first dedicated music wellness platform with a full set of modalities from the ancient to the modern. We are driven by social values, with a free tier and/or trial, volume discounts and charity pricing. All our music is made by us, for you, with heart and soul. 

We believe that music offers a more effortless and natural way to release stress and improve the brain chemicals and neurotransmitters necessary for restorative rest and holistic health. We invite you to discover what therapeutic music can do for you.

Embrace the deep potency of therapeutic music


Boost employee wellbeing and productivity at work and at home

Everyone's music medicine is unique


With 14 music categories, 40 soundscapes and 6 nature sounds
there are unlimited combinations of music. Tune in to your own bio-rhythms, zone out with mindfulness, or set intentions with bells, bowls or beats.

Some listeners find adding a mesmerising motion video enhances their experience by making it multi-sensory. (Aroma and fresh air make wonderful accompaniments too!). Others play Mishi music in the background for a subliminal shift in mood.



Wellness at work and in life

Music therapy is highly accessible and complementary but often under-utilised, especially in the workplace.

We spend a third of our waking lives at work with more and more of us at a desk, with reduced movement, limited human interaction, and almost continuous time at the screen. Serious health issues are inevitably set to increase from the way we unconsciously work. The lines between work and home, in fact life, are blurred and balance is key.

Music is psychologically soothing at work, can reduce stress and eliminate fatigue, and creates a more relaxed and comfortable environment. It fosters creativity and productivity.

Beyond work the average screen time per UK adult is a further 5 hours! Too much screen time not only impacts mental health, but physical health as well, including eye problems, poor posture and muscle strains.


Music outside of work can break the pattern of screen compulsion and help people tune in with their physical, emotional and mental needs. In turn, it helps them to improve their work performance and enjoyment. This is what most of us want: to work well, achieve more and enjoy our business day.

What is the cost of poor mental health at work in the UK?


A Deloitte UK study in January 2020 on the effects of poor mental health at work shows a cost to UK employers in the region of £42bn annually*. The still emerging pandemic results are even more concerning.

We are experiencing an epidemic levels of loss of focus in our current age of distraction. This affects all busineses.

While under-performance is something everyone wants to resolve, the path to better outcomes is a personal one. Offering employees a range of options for greater wellbeing is the best way to show your support, and research reveals that for every £1 spent on employee wellness, £5 in value is returned!

Our reviews and testimonials show us that music is essential to the mental and emotional health equation, and science and human history tell us this too. We are sonorous beings. So why not welcome music into your employee behaviours and office culture?

Enter number of employees

More information

Estimated number of employees in your organisation who may have concerns about their mental health

Total cost of employee mental health to your organisation

Estimated employees who needed to act on mental health issue





Estimated employees who have presented at work without declaring mental health issues





Around 20% of your employees need to take action around their mental health. This will range from self help - educating, talking , undertaking activities and talking to peers.


According to the Business in The Community Mental Health at work report - 81% of your employees will have presented at work whilst struggling with their mental health.

The Deloitte’s review of workplace mental health calculated that for each employee the total cost to your business is £3300 per annum. This covers turnover, lost productivity and absenteeism

80% of your employees will have concerns about Mental Health at some point. Creating a safe and secure environment where your employees can explore these concerns is pivotal to preventing escalation and mental illness.



* Deloitte UK Report

The number above is made up of absence costs of around £7bn, presenteeism costs ranging from about £27bn to £29bn and turnover costs of around £9bn. This is an increase of about 6bn and 16% on the figures in the 2017 report, driven primarily by employees coming to work despite poor health and underperforming.

Numbers generated by the calculator (above) are broad estimates based on the findings of the report and are indicative only.

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