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It really invigorates me. Turns me on!
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Music has brought us to the other side of suffering many times., and we hope our personally created soundscapes support you too. Mishi is a purposeful business where people matter more than profit.
David and Sarah Hughes, cofounders

Mishi improves your sleep, health and wellbeing through music and sound exploration.

What is Mishi?


What is sound exploration?

It is an opportunity to learn a little, question a little, and to keep an open mind as you explore the idea that                                             


Sound therapy was used by the ancient greeks to boost morale and treat many disorders. Today there is increasing scientific evidence that music and sound therapy can help achieve profound states of relaxation and induce sleep by synchronising brainwaves. Sound may even heal tissue, by restoring the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

“Music has a unique power to express inner states or feelings. Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation.”

Oliver Sacks, late neurologist and author of Musicophila: stories of music and the brain 


sound can heal

The music

From simple nature sounds to ancient healing frequencies, we have built a unique collection of music therapies from around the world that you can customise for optimum effect.


The app

With an easy interface, free from signup or ads, we want you to instantly explore the music and feel its therapeutic effects. Our free tier* is rich in a range of soundscapes and our premium tracks can be previewed before you subscribe.

As you listen, take a moment to fine-tune the instrument layers and sounds, each on separate volume sliders. Mishi is a unique, customisable experience that puts you fully in control of the composition so that you can find the best combinations for your ear and mood. We hope you find music you love and connect with its power to revive, soothe or heal.

* part of our social commitment to making sound therapy as widely available as we can

Mishi improves your mental and physical health by taking you on a therapeutic musical journey.

In as little as 10 minutes a day you can experience:

improved sleep, reduced stress, enhanced memory, improved communication, deeper focus, emotional release, less fatigue and for some, physical rehabilitation


Music categories

Deep sleep

Sleep music usually consists of calming soundscapes and simple melodies which establish a soothing presence of sound without too much variation. Its purpose is to bring about relaxation through atmospheric and sonorous washes of music, that induce a calming effect in the listener. Our deep sleep category is written specifically to help calm racing thoughts with subtle yet expressive music which will lead you towards a wonderful deep sleep. Use the controls on the app to adjust instrument volumes, which can set the mood perfectly for you. No other app does this.


 New music

We are always looking at different types of music therapy, and continue to release new compositions on a regular basis. Check in on the app regularly for new music.

All our compositions are unique and only available on the app.

Recently added

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls

Music therapy practitioners today use these vibrating singing bowls to produce a rich, deep tone. The bowls are usually metal and typically bronze.

They are designed to be struck with mallets (sometimes referred to as puja), emitting a deep, vibrating tone. It is said that singing bowls, and the sounds of the vibrations help to bring people into a more meditative state.

If you do not regularly meditate or have difficulty listening to just the single bowl, then you may want to add the additional bowls and some soundscape to help you settle and relax.

The more exposure you have to the single bowl the easier you will find it to reach a more relaxed and meditative state. It can work wonders also with some simple nature sounds such as rain or flowing water.

Set the timer to 'Infinite loop' (using tthe timer icon, next to the play button), and enjoy unlimited, relaxing and restorative time just for you.


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