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Welcome to Mishi

The story of Mishi, started with Aurora Sleep Music, which I created to help those in need of relaxation and sleep. It was such an amazing experience to get Aurora off the ground, and to receive such wonderful comments about the product and the music. And for those who paid for the premium music or provided feedback, I continue to be extremely grateful, thank you so much, it gave me the confidence I needed to get this far.


Mishi is the next step in this musical adventure, which we see as an instinctive, effortless and enjoyable way to allow the mind, body and spirit to synchronously rest, heal and energise.


We're on a journey of music discovery and music 'therapy'. Although we do not profess to have medical backgrounds, our belief is such that everyone can benefit from music as a form of non-intrusive medicine, and to make it possible to tackle some of the ills that we experience in today's world. For those going deeper into the therapy, there is increasing information to show that music and sound therapies can indeed lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and relax muscle tension. Music has been used to diffuse stress and releve pain. It's a fascinating world of discovery and we're here to learn and offer musical remedies that we truly hope will help many in need.


David's story ..

At the start of the pandemic, my work as an IT consultant was hit hard. I had spent many years in the travel sector, but the realisation quickly hit that after much outreach in 2020, nothing was materialising and it felt like this door was closing. After a lot of introspection I decided to get back into music, which has always been my passion. Previously I had too little time for it. Now I had time to be generous with!

Initially, all I wanted was to create some songs for my own benefit and mental health. As I shared my compositions privately, I began see just how many of the people around me were having their own struggles with stress and sleep issues.

I tried some of the apps out there but I didn't find anything musically rich and diverse, so I started writing soundscapes and melodies in various different styles, tweaking them to get the vibe that was right for me. I began to discover the most amazing instruments from around the world and blend them into my own compositions. It dawned on me that this was what was missing from existing apps: the ability to personalise exceptional instruments and sounds to your mood or need.  Sleep is so incredibly personal and we all tune in - or switch off - differently. This incredibly fascinating journey was the start of Aurora back in August 2020. 

My IT background has helped bring everything to life, and it has truly been a labour of love. This far the team is my wife Sarah and I, and we are self-funding. We hope to continue to bring you a unique quality of music that helps you decompress and enjoy some better sleep, health and wellness. We truly believe.

affordable, effective wellness benefit for your staff


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