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Welcome, welcome, welcome, wonderful NFT owner.
Thanks so much for purchasing one of my Music in Motion NFTs.
Here is my personal email:, should you need to contact me.


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An original collection of high quality motion art and therapeutic music, blended in a first of its kind multi-sensory relaxation experience.
132 completely unique NFTs available for you to own on Opensea.

Dreamland (with Sacred Geometry)

Eternity (with Crazy Love)

Resolve (with Flower Atom)

Reflections (with Ice Blade)

Natures Way (with Shape of Color)

Pure Tone (with Mystic Waves)

A selection of 1-2 minute samples are shown here. One-of-a-kind original NFTs with custom compositions, coupled with original motion art. The final versions are between 3-5 minutes in length and come with full commercial rights to the hi-resolution artwork, and non-exclusive owner rights to re-purpose and re-sell the audio. See terms.

Music in Motion is an exclusive collection of hi-resolution artwork and original compositions created by David Hughes, acclaimed composer and founder 'Mishi, music for wellness & sleep'. Each composition has been hand crafted and coupled with a beautiful and original motion video to give you a unique and limited edition collectable.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are tokens that are used to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenise things like art, collectibles, or digital products. They can only have one official owner at a time and are secured by the blockchain. No one can modify the record of ownership. NFTs are taking the digital art, music and collectibles world by storm. Artists have far greater control of their creative, and can benefit directly from new opportunities to connect directly with fans. NFTs are likely to transform into a mechanism of selling many other different types of assets, as they can be used simply to represent ownership of anything digital or even ownership of products in the real world.

What are NFTs?

Why buy this NFT?

One of a kind

A unique blend of high quality relaxation audio and visual art, crafted into a one-of-a-kind NFT, with only 132 in total being created. This limited edition collection represents one of the earliest multi-sensory relaxation experiences to be produced as an NFT and will undoubtedly stand out in terms of quality and rarity in the longer term. When they are gone, they are gone. There are a total of 7 original compositions, and 21 custom pieces of motion art, each fused into a unique creation of music and motion art, with no two being the same. A small number will listed as 'rare',  with limited versions of either the music or motion.

Original music

The compositions have been written specially for this collection, and you will have non-exclusive owner rights to re-purpose and re-sell. This means there are no limitations or restrictions of use, and can be used for any commercial purpose. Please see terms relating to the music if in doubt, before you purchase.

Unique art

The art is software inspired, and ultimately shaped to flow in total harmony with the therapeutic nature of the music. The image shown on each NFT has also been created as a high resolution 12,000px .jpg version, should you wish to print out at a high quality. There is also a full length version of the video in .mp4 format. This will typically be between 3-5minutes in length. In addition, some the NFTs come with bonus hi res artwork, of the same theme. All artwork and music is made available, via a link in the 'unlockable' content.,

Support a genuine creator

I am a committed and passionate creator of art and music. This collection is truly hand-crafted and not just another mass produced collection of NFTs. My intention is that first and foremost you enjoy the art and music fusion, and derive benefit from the therapeutic properties of this multi-sensory experience. I would consider it a dream fulfilled to find 132 souls that value my creative, and are prepared to support me of this journey. I will also be directly contactable to anyone that becomes a holder. Please feel free to contact me also if you have other ideas for art/audio NFT related projects.

Priority giveaways, whitelisting and bonus material for all future projects

Any current holder of a Music in Motion NFT will get priority whitelisting, discounts and any other bonus features for all future collections or collaborations. You will be invivted to enter your wallet ID at the appropriate time.

Where, when and how much?

Where, when and how much?

Price:  0.12 ETH  (rare items 0.19 ETH) + gas

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