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Music in Motion is a trading name of Mishi, part of Digital Chorus Limited. Where relevant Mishi terms may apply to purchase and use of your NFT. Please see here for Mishi terms.

As an owner of a Music in Motion NFT, you receive full rights to the artwok, and non-exclusive owner rights to the music..

In simple terms this means, while you are the holder of the NFT, you have rights to re-distribute, re-sell or re-purpose the music in any way you wish. Should you no longer hold ownership of the NFT, these rights are revoked, and in turn you should not seek to utilise the content further for commercial gain, but you may still retain rights to use the artwork or audio/video for your own personal use.

The content (all music and artwork) have been created explicitely for the purpose of this collection. With the exception of any promotion by Mishi, this content will not be made available for download anywhere online, and will only be distributed further by owners of the collection. This is a limited edition collection, and no additional NFTs will be added, nor will this collection be duplicated on any other site.

For secondary owners, you assume all rights as described above, however we can make no guarantees of any prior downloads, promotional or commercial activity derived from previous holders.

Subject to request and proof of ownership, we can provide .midi files for the music and will be happy to provide any information relevant to your NFT. Once purchased you will receive a link to all the content, which is held on IPFS, you will need to download the IPFS desktop app to gain access to the files.


As an NFT owner I will also be happy to provide you with my personal email, so you can contact me directly.

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