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Washing Machine Blues

Coming soon, a completely new and exciting showcase of Blues singers from around the world. The artists listed below will appear every day, in rotation, on the app, - giving it their all, and unleashing the blues.


Can you sing the blues? Get in touch. We're looking for 18 artists. This is a one-off opportunity to be part of this amazing project and to appear in this listing when we go live.


Live today on the app

Artist Three

CDescription, asg jladfgljk adfljk gadljk g aljkfdg ljkadffg ljkadfljfk gadjlkfg jlkadfgjl kal jkgasjlk glajkfg jlkaslgj kaljkdf

web url

contant email

We're looking for blues singers to be part of the rosta.


Limited spaces available.

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Playing on app:

Sunday, 14 April 2024

Artist Three

Band name

Artist 3. short desc a dgljk sd gljkad gljkadljkadfljk adf gkljadflgjk adlfjk fglj ksd

Playing on app:

Monday, 15 April 2024

Artist Fffour

Band name

Short description for Artist 5. Blah, asdflkjasdfljk asdfl jkasdg ljkasdg ljkaljk alj kgljkzxcb ljkaljk z b

Playing on app:

Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Artist One

Band name

Artist 1.

short description for artist 1. a sdgljk ad gljkad ljk

Playing on app:

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Artist Name

Band name

This is a short description about you and your music. We will also show an image, and also youyr contact details and a link to your band page.

How it works

Only available on the app, you will find a song called, you guessed it, Washing Machine Blues (see video below). The song consists of 3 instruments, which are: a 'washing machine', a 'blues vocal', and 'blues instrumental'. Every day we rotate the artists listed above, so they appear on this song on the app.


Download the app to hear the song.


It's free.



Are you a blues vocal artist?

Want to be a part of something fun, and earn a bit of cash?

Contact us here. Once we have reviewed we will send you some information, an agreement to sign, along with a link to the backing track - then it's over to you to smash it.

Artists are added to the bottom of the list and every day will climb one place until they app at the top of the listing. When they are at the top they will appear as the artist on the Washing Machine Blues song that is on the  app. We make the change every day, from Monday-Saturday.

Sundays are special!!

The artist withe the most votes for the week will also bag all of Sunday on the app.

commitment to play for minimum 3 months, but could be much longer

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