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Have you considered music for your employee wellness? Talk to us as our personalisable music therapy tracks are getting rave reviews for sleep, focus and relaxation.

Music and wellness for better work & life

Research recently compiled for the UK's mental health awareness week has shown that 4 in 5 employees have mental health and wellbeing concerns.


We are passionate about music for mental health - from restorative sleep to better focus and balance.


Sleep and music have been intertwined for centuries, but technology allows us to offer a personalised experience. Aurora is the first therapeutic music app to take full advantage.


Listeners are invited to adjust any of our high quality compositions to their own unique mood or mental state. Our 5* ratings attest to how this helps them sleep, release stress, concentrate or elevate their mood.

The results of better sleep and mental peace are manifold. Music often cuts through confusion or reluctance, making it an option most individuals are happy to try. Free of stigma or potential discomfort, it offers an accessible and enjoyable way to improve our wellness, sleep better or simply unwind.

Aurora works in harmony with other wellness options, so why not give it a try?


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Free forever

Give music therapy a try


You can easily get started by letting your employees know about Aurora with a download link. We offer a good selection of relaxing            compositions that are            forever, and, unlike other well-known apps, there is no sign up or intrusive advertisements. In fact, we've made it our mission to remove any barriers to trying our therapeutic music.


We know from personal experience and feedback from listeners that restorative sleep is the key to better mental health. These are tough times and we want to share our music as widely as we can.



Reward your employees

Make premium access a staff benefit


Research shows that for every £1 spent on employee wellness, £5 in value is returned! Just take a look at our calculator below based on leading research.


Help your employees give their best by including premium access to Aurora in your wellness programme. If you would like to try this out free of cost and obligation, we would be delighted to offer you a generous amount of prmotion codes that unlock a full year's subscription free of charge (usual price £14.99).  Try a code out for yourself

You can use these codes however you wish, but if you need ideas, talk to us about how some of our other partners are using their codes to introduce their staff to their wellbeing programme.


Let us how many codes you think you will need by booking a 1to1 (below).

* Currently Aurora is only available on iphone. Find out more about our Android and other project crowdfunding.


What is the cost of poor mental health at work in the UK?

A Deloitte UK study in January 2020 on the effects of poor mental health at work shows a cost to UK employers in the region of £42bn annually*. Still emerging pandemic results are even more shocking.

Employee under-performance is something that everyone wants to resolve, but every path to better outcomes is a personal one. It is vital that you stand by your employees by offering them a range of ways to improve so that they can steer their own wellness journey.

Estimated number of employees who have concerns about their mental health

Total cost of employee mental health to your organisation

80% of your employees will have concerns about Mental Health at some point. Creating a safe and secure environment where your employees can explore these concerns is pivotal to preventing escalation and mental illness.

Estimated Employees who Needed to Act on Mental Health Issues

Estimated Employees who have Presented at work without Declaring Mental Health Issues







The Deloitte’s review of workplace mental health calculated that for each employee the total cost to your business is £3300 per annum. This covers turnover, lost productivity and absenteeism.

*This number is made up of absence costs of around £7bn, presenteeism costs ranging from about £27bn to £29bn and turnover costs of around £9bn. This is an increase of about 6bn and 16% on the figures in the 2017 report, driven primarily by employees coming to work despite poor health and underperforming.

Numbers generated by the calculator (right) are broad estimates based on the findings of the report and are for discussion purposes only.

Around 20% of your employees need to take action around their mental health. This will range from self help - educating, talking , undertaking activities and talking to peers.

According to the Business in The Community Mental Health at work report - 81% of your employees will have presented at work whilst struggling with their mental health.

Your wellness strategy needs music!

Everyone's wellness needs are unique, yet music therapy is often the missing link! We believe that music offers a more effortless and natural way to release stress and improve the brain chemicals and neurotransmitters necessary for restorative sleep.

We spend a third of our waking lives at work. More and more people are spending much of that time at their desks, staring at screens all day long. Serious health issues inevitably arise from the way we work.


We know that there is no one technique that will help everyone. We’re also complex human beings so thinking that one thing is going to be able to take our pain away isn’t realistic. It’s therefore so important to look at a range of ways we can help ourselves. Music being one of the most powerful yet overlooked ways of helping enhance our mental and physical wellbeing.


Just listen to one of our songs. See how it makes you feel? Music has the ability to change our physical and emotional states. If you need more proof, just think of a time when you listened to a beautiful song and how that made you feel.

Listening to music can help induce relaxation or sleep, as this mimics a sleep state by slowing your breathing and heart rate. This may also lower blood pressure, ease muscle tension and calm the nervous system. Lots of good reasons to get your wellness music strategy in place for your employees.

What people say about Aurora



So Soothing

OMG Aurora! Where have you been for the past 10 Years? Eminently customisable sleep tunes that really send you off in to a deep, deep sleep. Haven’t found anything else that quiets my mind like this. Big fan. Thank you



Highly customisable

I would recommend that you give this app a try! Very easy to use, highly customisable to your own tastes and requirements. Infinite combinations. I think there must be something here for everyone...



Fantastic app

Just downloaded the app and found it to be really user friendly and has great music. Really helps me sleep.



Great experience

I’ve tried this app and it’s amazing at helping me sleep. It’s easy-to-use and the relaxing tracks on there make it super easy to help fall asleep to. Would definitely reccomend this- excellent!

Take things further

We are embarking on some exciting developments to give you wellness insights, white label access and a fastrack development for Android.

Find out more about funding and joining our pilot in a 1 to 1 meeting


Q. How stressful is your day?

Q. Are you enjoying the music?

Q. How well are you sleeping right now?

Q. Should 'your company' provide more support for mental health?

1. White label access and employee feedback

Who is this for?

Companies that want to welcome their employees directly into a branded version of Aurora without the hassle of unlock codes.


  • Access to all premium music for 12 months for all of your employees at a special subscription price

  • The chance to identify the music or sound therapies that are most beneficial to your employees by analysing usage statistics
  • The opportunity to gain insights into employees general wellness through opt-in questions

User feedback and anecdotal evidence shows us that a proportion of current Aurora subscribers use the music for concentration, motivation and productivity at work - especially when involved in extended screen work.

Thank you

Capture insights

Working with our qualified psychotherapist we will help you design simple questions and position them discretely within the app as your employees listen to the music.


(mouse over the image right to see how a sample question could appear)

Together, we will learn how music supports relaxation, stress management and sleep and how your employees are feeling holistically in their daily lives. All insights will be aggregated and anonymised to fall within privacy and data best practise.


In terms of technical readiness, the functional requirements have been written and we are in a position to move forward quickly into your requirements and development. We are a qualified agile practitioner and also have a lean innovation expert on our team.


2. Sponsor our Android programme

As a new start-up we began by launching for iphone (IOS).


We've gained invaluable feedback and are excited about our next phase of development for Android, but we do need your help.

If you are committed to giving all your employees the chance to experience music therapy please consider funding our Android costs.

Funding companies will be included in a roll of honour on our website and in our public relations. We've given a lot of subscription to Aurora away during Covid19 and we hope it our time to receive a little support of our own.


Your company


How will it work for your employees?

  1. A simple download link to install the Aurora app

  2. Click the 'My employer' button

  3. Enter 'employer code'. (This will provide instant access to all the premium music. No login is required. We do not at any stage have access to your customer contact details.)

  4. All done

This is a one-time process. The employee's smartphone will retain the code and recognise them on every subsequent visit.


After a period of 3-5 days of app use we will begin the process of presenting questions and requesting feedback.

Thank you

Book a 1to1 with me

I'm David, the Founder of Aurora and I'm looking forward to having a discussion with you.

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