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Hi, and welcome to Dream Seeker.

We are looking for a partner to help us move forward with this exciting new phase in our development.


There are many mental and physical health implications, attributed to poor sleep, with remedies from medication to meditation. Based on research, we believe hotel guests would benefit from simple sounds and images to help them sleep, and our solution is just that. We focus on calming music and visual imagery to induce sleep. Nothing more.

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Beautiful sounds, images and music for sleep.

Simple, uncomplicated sounds and powerful motion images blended with high quality original music compositions, for ultimate relaxation and restorative sleep.


We have integrated Mishi's therapeutic music and imagery in the 'simplest to use' interface, for an uncomplicated, ultra relaxing and sleep-inducing experience for your guests.


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Our high quality motion videos will transport your guest to a world of instant calm and relaxation. The mesmerizing power of nature scenes work instantly to reduce stress levels and enhance feelings of wellbeing. These moving images and authentic nature sounds and can be used alone in the form of 'self-guided meditation' or just enjoyed for simple relaxation pre-sleep.

The example shown is the sound of 'Ocean waves against rocks'. The simplicity of sound combined with the visual aspect can have a dramatic relaxation affect for many.


There is considerable scientific research and evidence to support the positive impact these combinations can have on the mind and body.


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In addition to the sounds of nature, it is possible to add background music (optional) from a selection of beautiful original compositions. Each piece of music works in total harmony with the sounds of nature and visuals.

The example sound and visual shown is 'Rain forest at night',  in addition we have added music called 'Deep Sleep Celeste, 440Hz'. This music comes from Mishi's original catalogue, in categories such as: Deep Sleep, Relaxation, Healing frequencies, World music and many more.


The therapeutic categories focus on everything from gong baths, chimes and bells through to sound frequencies such as chakra balancing, solfeggio, and other brain entrainment Isochronic tones.

This diverse combination of sound, motion and music, will create an atmosophere of instant relaxation, allowing your guests to unwind at the end of the day and to settle quickly, ready for restorative sleep.

The opportunity for [x] goes beyond the guests time with you.

Your brand can continue to play an important part in your guests' wellbeing long after their stay.


Custom dashboard for usage metrics, messages and notifications.


Track the usage, downloads and other metrics as your guest continues to engage with DreamSeeker from the comfort of their own home.

Communicate brand values and offers through notifications.


Your brand will continue to be seen every time DreamSeeker is opened.


Have you tried our therapeutic music?

DreamSeeker at home


  • Use the power of sounds, images and therapeutic music to enhance your guests stay

  • Provide a real-world wellness and mental health benefit

  • Free unlimited access to DreamSeeker for your guest 12 months (value £20)

  • Brand awareness, notifications and engagement in stay and beyond

  • Statistics and usage available in stay and beyond

  • Custom splash screen message can be updated dynamically

  • Supports multiple hotel integration

  • Custom piece of sleep music written and available ONLY for your hotel (with custom artwork)

Thank you

What people say about Mishi music



So Soothing

OMG Mishi! Where have you been for the past 10 Years? Eminently customisable sleep tunes that really send you off in to a deep, deep sleep. Haven’t found anything else that quiets my mind like this. Big fan. Thank you



Highly customisable

I would recommend that you give this app a try! Very easy to use, highly customisable to your own tastes and requirements. Infinite combinations. I think there must be something here for everyone...




Just downloaded the app and found it to be really user friendly and has great music. Really helps me sleep.



Great experience

I’ve tried this app and it’s amazing at helping me sleep. It’s easy-to-use and the relaxing tracks on there make it super easy to help fall asleep to. Would definitely reccomend this- excellent!


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