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Mishi music & sound wellness

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Clear Your Mind - a quick guide

Can you tick any of the following?

Feeling rundown, unwell mentally or physically?
Tired of not knowing how to cope with your everyday?

Need help but not looking to be instructed by a meditation expert?
Prepared to keep an open mind about the ability for your mind to work wonders in the healing process?
Prepared to give music medicine a try?
Prepared to give self-guided meditation visualis a try?
Can you prioritise YOU for 10 minutes a day?

Is Mishi for you?


Yes, ok, then let's give it a try. If you've not done so, please Download the app (IOS only for now)
Find a category of music that appeals. There are a number of pieces of music in the FREE section, and some motion visuals, so you can give it a try. Find a song, set the timer to 10 mins [ ], and click play.  [play icon]

If possible, please use headphones for the best experience. Once the music starts playing, try altering the volume sliders. Each composition has its own instruments, along with a general selection of nature sounds. They can be mixed and matched to achieve the sound mix that feels right. Once your happy with the music, choose a motion video [ ] and just try it out for 10 minutes. How did that feel?

Basic Start

If you're simply looking for some relaxation or to de-stress, without any intervention or self-guidance, then settle back and just explore the music combinations and visuals with no purpose other than to let go, and find a little calm. Here's a couple of examples if you need a little help getting underway.

Better Sleep

Deep Sleep, 1am
Our Deep Sleep music is purpose written to get you to sleep, or back to sleep if you have awoken. The instrumention is sonorous and ultra calming, with additional 'ornaments' and musical decoration you can dial in depending on the level of muscality your desire..

Get started:
Open the app and find the music Deep Sleep 1am in the Deep Sleep category. (This music and motion combination is completely FREE.) Set Timer to desired length, and now click Play. Introduce the Soundscape and Delta wave to a comfortable volume level. Add Ornaments to taste and perhaps the sound of Crickets, in the Other Sounds secton, for that extra authentic feel of the night..

If needed add the default motion visual which contains very little movement (see right). This visual and music combination has been known to quickly induce drowsiness and sleep in as little as 10 minutes.
The Dela wave corresponds to 0.8Hz which is a brain entrainment frequency, - a slow pulse associated with the deepest sleep state.

Music Medicine & Visualisation




Background Focus

Lo-fi #1
As part of our Solfeggio series, this free music has been written with all instruments corresponding to the 174 Hz frequency., which is considerd to release pain and tension.

Get started:
Open the app and find the music Relieve Pain 174 Hz in the Solfeggio category. Now introduce the following instruments: Soundscape, Theta wave and add a little Ocean waves, now click play. Add a motion visual of your choice. Set the timer to min 10 minutes, and fully immerse yourself in the experience. The Theta wave corresponds to 4Hz which is a brain entrainment frequency which can help slow your breathing and all the healing process to being.

Music Medicine





Next steps

Take Mishi to another level as you start to define your own healing goals with specific sound therapies and visualisation techniques. Here are some quick-start examples.

Simple Relax meditation (OMM example)

Our track 'Calm' is available on the free tier, and is one of our most popular and soothing pieces of music. Experience the ultra calm instrumentation which will help you relax and unwind in no time.

How to:
Find somewhere you won't be interuppted for 10 minutes. Use headphones if possible. Open the app and find the music Calm in the Free category. Set the timer to 10 minutes, then in the composition, set the Soundscape volume to your desired level, maybe introduce a little Bass for depth, add some Water flowing, now click play. Add a motion visual of your choice. Now immerse in this multi-sensory relaxation experience, allowing your mind to wander freely, but not to fixate on any one thing. Come back to the music if your mind wanders.

Open Monitoring Meditation (see below)

(Please note the motion visual shown may not be available in the free tier)




Relieve Pain (FAM)

Relieve Pain 174 Hz
As part of our Solfeggio series, this music has been written with all instruments tuned to the 174 Hz frequency., which is considered to release pain and tension.

How to:
Open the app and find the music Relieve Pain 174 Hz in the Solfeggio category. Now introduce the following instruments: Soundscape, Theta wave and add a little Ocean waves. Click play to start the music, and then add a motion visual of your choice. Set the timer to 10 minutes, concentrate on the visual and bring your attention fully to area of pain, physical or emotional. Should your attention wander, bring your concentration back to your focual point as soon as you can. Do not look for instant fixes, but try to find 10 minutes a day to see what results an be achieved over time.

The Theta wave corresponds to 4Hz which is a brain entrainment frequency which can help slow your breathing, aid assist with relaxation to allow the healing process to begin..

Focussed Attention Meditation (see below)

Please note the motion visual shown may not be available in the free tier)




Guided motion visualisation and sound therapy is a combination that relies purely on you, your imagination and your minds ability to create change. The examples above are simply starter ideas. The beauty of Mishi is the control you have to fully customise your experience, and all with exceptional ease. The music combinations are unlimited, so start re-shapeing the sound, and blend in the stunning visuals for simple relaxation or to go deeper and align the music and motion visuals with your broader mental, physical or emotional goals.

Our techniques

For so many people, the pressure of simply living in our modern world can feel overwhelming, filled with high levels of anxiety and stress. There is an epidemic of poor mental health and sleep deprivation and many do not feel empowerred to cope with everyday life.

If this is you, or even if you are just looking for relaxation techniques or a non-intrusive mechanism to help restore you, then our world of music and self-guided meditation can be one route to explore. The practice of meditation has grown significantly in recent years, as highlighted by the extensive number of meditation apps and treatments available. Typically meditation comes in the form of guidance from others, who determine the best words to solve a particular problem or condition for you. Our learnings shows that having an external voice of instruction, however well intentioned is yet more stimulus to take on board, when maybe all you need are your own methods and tools to quieten your mind, so you may allow that mega brain engine of yours, with a little help from the universe to find it’s own solution.
Our approach is different insofar as you either simply just listen to our sound therapies alone or you add a self-guiding motion visual to compliment and enhance your experience. Self-guided meditation techniques offer a simple and easy to learn altenative to the spoken word, and can quickly help you manage stress and reduce tension. Used together with our therapeutic music, this blended method is a beautiful and joyful multi-sensory experience to calm your mind, which can help start the healing process and also refresh your ability to think more clearly in these troubled times.


1. Music Medicine

No visualisations and no self-guiding imagery, just simple, beautiful music. By customising the instruments in the compositions you will find the combinations that literally resonate with you. This may be all you need to achieve the benefits of passive healing. Set the timer or put on infinite play, and just settle back, listen and relax.

One area of music medicine that requires a small amount of participation, is that of Solfeggio healing frequencies. These audio tones help to promote various aspects of body and mind health. Reputed to date back to ancient history they are said to be the fundamental sounds used in both Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions, chanted by the Gregorian Monks and in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants. Every solfeggio tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony. In addition to Solfeggio, there are brain entrainment frequencies which are called Isochronic Tones, which are low frequency pulses which can influence and drive brainwave activity to a more desired mental state. More information on Solfeggio and Isochronic tones can be found here.


Self-Guided Visualisation

The mind is powerful, and through visual stimulus it can have an extraordinary effect on the body. Studies have shown how our bodies can have the same physical reaction whether we are actually experiencing something in the real world or through a virtual encounter. If you imagine the feeling of a cold winters day, or that of an unbearably hot summers day, your body responds as though you are actually experiening those situations.


As many would testify, just lying on a beach with the sound of waves nearby, can have a highly relaxing effect on us, this in turn can have a direct effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing.


So as we imagine a pleasurable scenario, with the help of some visual motion image prompts we have the ability to quickly transport ourselves to somewhere calm and relaxing within moments. Is it the beach, or do you feel relaxed by the sight of a flickering candle or camp fire, we have visuals that will take you there. Following the guide above you should have already selected your music, and now you are free to continue on this journey with us.

2. Open Monitoring Meditation (OMM)

In meditation terms if you have tried a motion image visualisation (as described above), you are alreadyexperiencing OMM. A mindfulness technique that allows your thoughts to come and go. The method of OMM is to notice these thoughts, and allow them to just be, to exist without judgement, and then to return to your focal point.


This might seem like a passive activity but it can be hard to remain in the moment, and to let thoughts come and go without engaging in them, and difficult to return peacefully to your focal point. The intention is to not focus on any single thing, but to simply allow thoughts that arise to enter and leave the mind, to not pursue any outcomes, not to by critical, not to have judgement, but to recognise them, and the let go, as you return to your focal point. Even experienced meditators can have difficiulty with this, and can be led astry by unwanted throughts. But just stick with it. This may be tricky to start, but you will improve over time.


The advantage of OMM is that is does not require any formal practice or training. And the beauty of our method is that you can configure the music to suit your mood, and then add a motion visual that is right in the moment. You may feel like just seeing the waves lapping on a sun drenched beach , or the surprisingly comforting sound of rain on a window pain. Try out different combinations and find your comfort zone. There will definitely be a combination in there that works for you alone. And overtime we believe this form of meditation will come with many health related benefits.

3. Focussed Attention Meditation (FAM)

Many forms of meditation use a focus, like the breathe or an object, as a central point for the meditative process. Other examples suggest you focus on a point in your body, an emotion, or even on a particular thought. These may well work for you, or simply you could focus on an image, which feels comfortable, or maybe one which has meaning. This will help you get underway with the process of FAM straight away, as you participate in the active watching process, by giving it your full attention..


Unlike OMM, with FAM you should try to maintain the focus and should the mind wander, return straight away to the focal point as soon as you notice.


In scientific terms, studies have found that a change in brain state occurs with FAM, which actives the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, - a part of the brain for overcoming impulses and solving problems. If we pair the scientic research of FAM with sound therapy science, there are opportunities for the mind and brain to enter an extraordinary healing process through this multi-sensory experience.

However, results are not likely to come overnight, and you may even find that focussed attention meditation is not working for you. If it feels like you are making no progress, then try a different combination of sounds and motion visuals, or simply just enjoy the therapeutic music for now. It may take some time to get the formula right, but you will know when this happens.




Solfeggio Frequencies / Chakra balance alignment


As you embark on this process, it's important to maintain an open mind, in relation to eastern philosophies of healing. The Solfegio frequencies can affect the body and serve multiple healing processes and body and mind alignment. This concept of healing frequencies requires a latitude of thinking, and not all will be convinced, but it is worth noting that in scientific terms, 'every object is in a state of vibration' (according to Einstein), and every living cell emits an electromagnetic wave. When these waves are out of alignment this can physically affect our organs. Western medical techniques such as Bioresonance can be used to detect these waves and return them to their original state. Maybe there is not such a huge leap of faith to make after all.



Thanks for taking the time to read our introduction, and we truly hope you find some benefit from our beautiful music and motion vidoes. It is important to note, that the above is not intended as medical advice in any sense. We are not licensed medical care providers and our service should in no way be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a health care professional. Please seek medical advice if in any doubt before listening to any music or waching any visuals if you believe there could be even a remote chance that it would impact your health. Please see our terms and conditions of use.

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